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Bob and Tobin welcome you to Cafe Chew...

...a healthy and delicious eatery and coffee venue in the town of Sandwich where you can feel at home sipping a freshly brewed cappuccino or latte all day, surrounded by easy going customers, familiar faces and an attentive wait staff.


Grab a quick breakfast sandwich with your hot "brew" on-the-go or relax at a cozy corner table with the daily paper and a hearty breakfast plate with eggs any style.


For lunch grab a sandwich to go or settle in for some respite time with a hot pannini, homemade soup with crusty bread, or a wholesome and delicious salad.


Don't forget our wonderful variety of baked delights, all made in house and served with homemade jams and spreads, perfect for a pick me up at any time of the day. 


Cafe Chew's baristas are enthusiastic about every order they carefully blend and the "brew" menu is elaborate and sure to please. 

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